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Saw: The Video Game

This has been in the works since 2005, only found out about it the other week, not to much is known about it but this is what I did find out:

Brash Entertainment provided today an update on the status of the next SAW videogame.

Set to release in October 2009, in conjunction with the next instalment of the film series, SAW the videogame will give fans of Jigsaw and these films a reason to live. Collaborating closely with Lions Gate and Twisted pictures, the game will have its own unique storyline, while answering questions left unanswered by the SAW films. In an effort to stay true to the movies, Brash is working closely with creators of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, ensuring the game pulls no punches, and delivers the horrifying suspense and disbelief that has floored fans worldwide. The SAW game is currently in development for next-gen platforms and will be built using the Unreal 3 game engine.

I did read somewhere that you play a victim, you wake up in a trap, have to get out of it then it becomes a test where you not only have to find out about your own past but all about John’s as well. It ties in very close with the 3rd film, I remember I read that it crosses a lot of lose ends between each film, meaning you will interact with other victims, traps and Jigsaw himself YAY!!!

Now I know the bad wrap most film games have got because they are made so fast to get it out in time with the film but bear in mind that this has been worked on for years and they even have Leigh and James working with them. Now to me this is gonna be a must have for all Saw fans, they are not just doing some quick job, they really are work hard on this one which REALLY is making me look forward to playing it!!!
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