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The First Leigh Whannell eljay community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The First Leigh Whannell eljay community

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pic of Leigh [4.18.10 (Sunday) 5:59pm]

LOTS of great pics of Leigh here

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Leigh reviews 'society' [4.16.10 (Friday) 8:40pm]

I ahve no idea what the movie is about but.... he's in a bubble bath....

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GUH MOAR!!! [4.16.10 (Friday) 8:36pm]


Both pics are from here
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OMFG U GUYS!! [4.16.10 (Friday) 8:33pm]

So I haven't posted here in a long time, happens when you don't have a comp. So, i'm officially back and... i brought a beautiful pic of Leigh. Remember to wipe your mouth when you're done :P

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[10.25.09 (Sunday) 10:14pm]


Damn it’s been a while since I have posted here...lol. I was actually just wondering if anyone knows where I can download screen caps from the Saw Short Film, used to have heaps myself but my old comp crashed and took everything with it. If someone does have a link I will soooooo thankful, cheers in advance.

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where's mah candy? ;p [1.17.09 (Saturday) 6:34pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Name: Sally
Age: 24
Location: British Columbia
favorite bands: The Beatles, Green Day, Hedley, Fall Out Boy, Unknown Culprits, Panic at the Disco, Muse, Gorillaz, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Fall and Divide
Favorite movies: (besides Saw series of course) Crow movies, Muppet movies, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movies, RENT, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Running Man, The Dark Knight, Moulin Rouge, West Side Story, Marie Antionette
Favorite author: Stephen King, Christopher Pike, Terry Pratchett, Ann M. Martin, Francine Pascal, Peter Lerangis, LM Montgomery, Katherine Peterson, Harper Lee, Nancy Friday
Hobbies: literature, art, music, acting (one movie [Miracle] and four plays [West Side Story, HMS Pinafore, Sentimental Journey, Dead Air] to my credit), bartending, gaming, charity work, fanstuff, Idol fangirling, cultivating my bizarre sense of humor, overdosing on Facebook
Why do you LUV Leigh?: far as I'm concerned, he's a genius for creating the Saw-verse that we know and love, all complex and stuff...OK, and he's cute too ;)

PS: pre-movie Adam-centric fic in the works, will be posted here soon as it's done.
And oh, lookie at the date, somebody's 32! ♥

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DYING BREED [1.07.09 (Wednesday) 3:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Just a reminder that Dying Breed, starring Leigh Whannell and Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) is playing this weekend as part of the After Dark Horrorfest, for those of you who live close to a major city. I think Dying Breed plays Friday night only. In my city, it's the closer for that night at midnight.

A few pictures and the trailer, in case you haven't seen...Collapse )

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Doggie Heaven [1.07.09 (Wednesday) 12:48pm]

Six months ago, morvena posted here to pass along the trailer for Leigh and James's Doggie Heaven short film, which was finally released last month. I don't have access to XBOX Live, so I've been waiting for some kind soul to pirate the movie and put it online.

For anyone else who is interested, I finally found it. The picture quality isn't great, for obvious reasons, but it's still Leigh Whannell writing and acting, and James Wan directing, which I think is something most of us agree we enjoy.

The link is here.

Hope this post isn't annoying, but I wanted to pass the link along in case anyone else has been waiting and hoping.

edit!: sheriff_kirby posted this much better link. Here. :)
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[7.26.08 (Saturday) 9:30pm]

New comedy short film from James and Leigh.
Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtedwhixdZc

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21 Icons [7.02.08 (Wednesday) 3:18pm]

[ mood | bored ]

1 2 3

At shatteredicons_

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Saw icons [4.20.08 (Sunday) 3:09pm]



Click Click Click

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Dying Breed trailer [4.15.08 (Tuesday) 2:22pm]

Hi! :D I'm a huge Leigh fan so obviously I just had to join this community. I'll be sure to do the questionnaire later, since I found something on youtube recently that will probably make a lot of you happy (that is, if you haven't already seen this). I felt the need to post this, since I see that no one has yet. :)

So what do you all think about this? I think it definitely looks interesting, but the plot is very familiar. Something like a cross between The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn or something. Except it's in a different country. Well, since it has Leigh in it, though, it's pretty much a given that I'll see it. I'm sure it's the same case for you all as well. ;D
Oh, and I still can't find the release date on this. Does anyone know? Some websites say this year and others say next year. But something tells me it won't be next year. Hopefully. :)
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Leigh Bio. [4.14.08 (Monday) 1:33am]

Hey, so I had to edit together a biography for my editing class and I decided to do Leigh :)

Anyways I thought you guys would like it, maybe.

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Hello [4.07.08 (Monday) 11:49am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Name: Skye
Age: Nineteen
Location: New Zealand
Favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails, The Dresden Dolls, Seether, The Cure, Bauhaus, Garbage, Disturbed...the list goes on for a while.
Favorite movies: The Saw movies (but the first is my favourite), Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Donnie Darko, Stay, A Clockwork Orange, The Rules of Attraction, Anything done by Tim Burton, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, X-Men...yeah that list's pretty long too.
Favorite author: Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite, Hunter S Thompson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett...and on it goes
Hobbies: Reading, writing (fanfiction and original stuff), watching films, art, procrastinating and wasting copious amounts of time on the internet.
Why do you LUV Leigh? He's a really talented actor and writer. Also, as my friend and I discovered watching the Saw commentary, he (as well as James) is really funny.

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[4.06.08 (Sunday) 7:04pm]


The rest are HERE.
The post will remain public for 24 hours.
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Saw: The Video Game [3.27.08 (Thursday) 4:24pm]

This has been in the works since 2005, only found out about it the other week, not to much is known about it but this is what I did find out:

Brash Entertainment provided today an update on the status of the next SAW videogame.

Set to release in October 2009, in conjunction with the next instalment of the film series, SAW the videogame will give fans of Jigsaw and these films a reason to live. Collaborating closely with Lions Gate and Twisted pictures, the game will have its own unique storyline, while answering questions left unanswered by the SAW films. In an effort to stay true to the movies, Brash is working closely with creators of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, ensuring the game pulls no punches, and delivers the horrifying suspense and disbelief that has floored fans worldwide. The SAW game is currently in development for next-gen platforms and will be built using the Unreal 3 game engine.

I did read somewhere that you play a victim, you wake up in a trap, have to get out of it then it becomes a test where you not only have to find out about your own past but all about John’s as well. It ties in very close with the 3rd film, I remember I read that it crosses a lot of lose ends between each film, meaning you will interact with other victims, traps and Jigsaw himself YAY!!!

Now I know the bad wrap most film games have got because they are made so fast to get it out in time with the film but bear in mind that this has been worked on for years and they even have Leigh and James working with them. Now to me this is gonna be a must have for all Saw fans, they are not just doing some quick job, they really are work hard on this one which REALLY is making me look forward to playing it!!!
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Leigh Whannell banners [mostly from Saw] [3.17.08 (Monday) 6:03pm]


The rest are HERE.
The post will remain public for 24 hours.
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[2.16.08 (Saturday) 9:25pm]


 Hi, I've just came across this community but I have been a fan of Leigh's since Saw was released <3

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[2.10.08 (Sunday) 12:30pm]

I just realized I hadn't done this.

Name: Kristin
Age: 17; 18 soon!
Location: Bay Area, CA
favorite bands: Scarling, Jack Off Jill, Fydolla Ho, Thistle, +lots more
Favorite movies: (Saw o course), Stand By Me, Sweeney Todd, Little Miss Sunshine, Roller Coaster, Bang Bang You're Dead +lots more
Favorite author: Stephen King and I have just recently got into Henry Rollins
Hobbies: drawing, Internet, reading, Guitar Hero, writing
Why do you LUV Leigh? He's so freakin' adorable, an awesome writer (I'm a sucker for a writer)/actor, and that accent!!
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[2.10.08 (Sunday) 2:14am]

Name: Ash
Age: 21
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin but in April 2008 it will be Saitama, Japan :D
favorite bands: I listen to Japanese music, but I won't turn down a good artist.
Favorite movies: Saw of course, but also Silent Hill, The Ring, The Grudge. Basically anything with a good plotline that'll get inside my head.
Favorite author: I love Stephanie Meyer and the Marquis de Sade.
Hobbies: haha, um... reading, appreciating my life so I don't end up in one of the next Saw movies, translating
Why do you love Leigh? It's the accent :D And also I love his sense of humor and he's a snappy effing dresser <3

If you're on the HOJ forums you may have seen me. I used this icon and had the same username. Well today I got myself banned (though I don't know how or why) so I decided to become active here. Nice to meet you ♥
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